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Who Are The Better Drivers, Men or Women?
Wednesday, 21 September 2011
better driversFor years there has been an ongoing debate: who are the better drivers, men or women? While everyone has their own opinions and experiences, statistics show that male drivers are significantly more likely to get into a motor vehicle accident. But why is this, and does is really mean that women are better at driving?

There are several factors that affect this difference in accident and death rates between the two sexes:

- More miles. One of the biggest factors in men having more accidents is simple - they drive more. More miles means men are more likely to have an accident, no matter how well they drive. In fact, the number of women that are involved in serious accidents has been steadily rising as more women obtain licenses and drive more miles. However, more men than women still are involved in serious motor vehicle related accidents even if you account for total miles driven.

- Reckless behavior. Men, especially younger men, are more likely to participate in reckless driving behavior, such as speeding and driving while intoxicated. This greatly increases the chances of an accident, especially a fatal one. This is usually attributed to the fact that young men feel that they are invincible, and that the statistics just don't apply to them.

- Seat belts. Women are more likely than men to wear their seatbelt. Even if they had the same number of accidents, this would still mean that more men die in accidents, given seat belts have been proven to save lives.

It's not just the number of accidents that are different between men and women; they also have different types of accidents. Women are generally involved in minor accidents that take place in traffic, particularly at intersections. Men are more likely to be involved in one-car accidents that are not in traffic.

The explanation for this is that while women may make silly mistakes, like missing a red light, men are more likely to crash because they are speeding, driving recklessly, or driving under the influence. This type of accident is more likely to be fatal. While the number or total accidents is becoming more equal for men and women, there are still more male fatalities.

For older people, there are fewer differences between men and women drivers, but this doesn't apply for younger men and women. While young women exhibit driving behavior similar to older people, young men participate in more reckless behavior. That is why insurance rates for adult males and females are often the same, while insurance rates for males under twenty-five are much higher than rates for females of the same age.

While gender can be a good indicator of driving habits, the person matters more. There are many teen boys who are perfectly safe drivers, and many older women who have frequent accidents and display very risky driving behavior.


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